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Label year 3 is coming to an end

  This is it, 2015 is coming to an end, and for the third year of the label / distro, I’m pretty happy of what has been achieved : – 12 releases : Grand Détour – Tripalium 12″ (listen / order) Valley – S/T EP 12″ (listen / order) Lights & Motion – Chronicle 12″ (listen / order) Les 2 Minutes de La Haine / Eaglehaslanded […]

Les 2 Minutes De La Haine – Somnolences available now !

Our copies of the fist LP Somnolences by Les 2 Minutes De La Haine have finally arrived and you can get them in our shop for only 8 euros. Don’t miss that awesome record from our good friends from Tarbes, it’s definitely worth it if you’re into post hardcore / french screamo (but a bit heavier). Another news, […]

Label year 2 is over

This is it, 2014 is coming to an end, and for the second year of our label / distro, we’re pretty happy of what we achieved : – 7 releases (Winter Dust – Autumn Years, Sport – Bon Voyage, Pastel / Merridew – Split, And So Your Life Is Ruined – S/T, Puzzle – Final EP, Lost In The Riots – Move On, Make Trails and Les 2 Minutes De La Haine – Somnolences that […]