Who are you ?

I am Yannick, 35, living near Bordeaux, France, music passionate. I run VOTU by myself, with the help of friends for the design part.
The label is not my job, it’s just something I do outside of my day-to-day job (which is to develop applications for your iPhone). I don’t plan to make a living out of it, the main purpose of it is to help bands release records on vinyl, and to break even / reinvest in the next releases.

Can you release my band’s new record / EP ?

I’m always up for discovering new music, so you can contact me at contact@voturecords.com.
A few things to check before contacting me :
– I only release vinyl records. No tapes or cds planned in the future, sorry
– I’m mainly focused on post-hardcore / screamo / indie-punk / post-rock, and related genres. Not that I only like this kind of music, but there are more bands than I can help in those genres, so I prefer to focus on that. If you’re an incredible folk singer, or hip hop band, or whatever, I’m flattered you consider this label but I won’t be able to help you.
– As mentioned above, I am running the label by myself, so I can’t have too many releases at the same time. Unfortunately it means I can’t say yes to everyone, but I will always answer you even to say no (and even if it sometimes takes a month).

What are your shipping options ?

Whatever option you choose, all orders are packed inside a solid cardboard, sometimes with bubble wrap if needed.
Depending on where you live, you can use different shipping options :
standard (France only) : this is the standard way to send records. No tracking number, no insurance in case the package gets lost or damage, this goes through the French postal service. This only allowed for few records, because there is a limitation of 3 cms for packages with that option. Beware that if the package gets lost, as there is no tracking or insurance, I can’t be held responsible. It almost never occurred, but with the Covid situation recently I’d suggest taking extra precautions.
tracked letter : This is the same as the standard option, but with a tracking number. There is no insurance in that case, but it offers a cheaper option than the registered (and insured one). As the sanitary situation overloaded postal services and I had problems of packages lost or taking a long time to arrive, this option has replaced the standard one for all deliveries outside of France.
registered : THIS IS THE OPTION I RECOMMEND USING (even if it is more expensive) this goes through the French postal service too, but this option allows to have a tracking, and insurance in case of issues.
Mondial Relay (France and some European countries) : same as Relais Colis, but it offers more options outside France, and allows some home delivery too. When you select this option, please add in comment the relay you want to use, otherwise I’ll pick up one close to your address. You can find the list here : https://www.mondialrelay.fr/trouver-le-point-relais-le-plus-proche-de-chez-moi/
/!\ Be careful as you only have between 7 and 14 days to retrieve your package, after that period it will be sent back. Also, the default insurance is only 25 euros per package. They don’t screw up often, but when they do be aware of this.
Direct (Paris / Bordeaux only) : if you live in Paris (or nearby) or Bordeaux, feel free to contact me, so that we can organize a way to pick the records directly (and avoid shipping cost).

Do I need to create an account when I order ?

Accounts are optional, because I know we already have way to many accounts everywhere. However, if you create an account, every time you place an order, you earn points (1 euro = 1 point). Every 200 points, you get a 15% discount coupon. Pretty cool, isn’t it ?