Voice Of The Unheard is a DIY label based in Paris, France.

I release and emo / screamo / post rock / post hardcore bands that I love, feel free to contact me at contact@voturecords.com !

Here is the entire list of releases so far (you can listen to them on Bandcamp) :

9 thoughts on “About / Contact

  1. Vitaly Zimin says:

    hello guys! we are Pobeda. a mathrock / emo / post-hardcore band from Moscow.
    we have our second album ready, already uploaded to Bandcamp on a secret link, ready to go and we are looking for support to release it.

    NEW ALBUM >>>>>>>> http://pobeda.bandcamp.com/yum
    REDEEM CODE >>>>>> y559-3xvs

    • Yannick says:

      Yes I ship everywhere. Shipping costs are unfortunately very expensive outside of Europe, sorry about that

  2. Logan K says:

    I want to ship Lights & Motion Chronicle on vinyl to the U.S.A. How long is shipping usually, and what would shipping costs be?

  3. kristian says:

    I write from Italy, I have this new post / instrumental rock e project
    I’m preparing the promotion and the release of new material.
    in January we will start playing around Europe and now I’m looking for a foreign label
    greetings kristian

  4. Dylan says:

    Hey! i make rock instrumentals. i produced an instrumental rock album with over noise records, and i still am signed to them. but i want a record label who fits my genre better 🙂 we need to save instrumental rock! please check out this track of an album i produced with over noise records called System32. maybe consider signing me 🙂 some perks are, i record, mix, and maser my own music with the industry standard DAW, pro tools. please check out my track, hope you like it 🙂 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BWLjltcZGY0

  5. Taran Plouzane says:

    Salut! Est-ce que vous organisez des concerts de tempts en temps? Je fais partie d’un groupe de math rock instrumental de Dublin et on organise une tournée française pour novembre.

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