2019 is going wild

Hi everyone ! Long time no see ! As usual I failed to update this page with all the news. But if you’ve followed the Facebook or Instagram page, you already that know that 2019 has been one the the wildest beginning of years already. Here is what was released since January :
  • EUX – Et Les Autres 12″ : new band from Paris playing some amazing screamo / post hardcore. If you’re into Mihai Edrisch, Sed Non Satiata, Daitro, you should like them. The song Mathias always brings tears in my eyes.
  • Endless Dive – Falltime 2×12″ : coming from Belgium, these young guys play instrumental music between post rock and post hardcore. Very catchy, and really amazing live !
  • Winter Dust – Sense By Erosion 2×12″ : 3rd record from my favorite italian to be released on the label. We already know they are great to release beautiful records, this new one doesn’t disappoint. More vocals than on Thresholds, but still that same atmosphere. Perfect soundtrack to feeling nostalgic.
  • Lost In The Riots – Bonds 2×12″ : It took a while, but after a change of drummer, Lost In The Riots are back. And as usual, don’t expect a copy of their previous record. Bonds is still math rock influenced, but is heavier than Move On, Make Trails. Are you ready to headbang ?
  • Gaura Devi – S/T 12″ : It’s been out at the end of December so that’s cheated to include it on this list, but this first EP from the spanish band will please every screamo / post hardcore fan here.
And the year is not over, I’ve got some cool releases coming in the next months ! Be prepared !

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